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Scroll down to find our monthly Exclusives, current deals and my favourite Loose Leaf and wellness Sips!

Contact me anytime with your questions! 

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Vault List Items available while supplies last!

We have some fabulous items from 15% to 35% OFF! 

Teaware, matcha, loose leaf, functional latte blends and MORE! See the full list through the link below!

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Customer Exclusive

60% OFF making it only $16.00

Unlock this Exclusive with a $65 order, and CHOOSE 2 flavours (10-pk each) of our Sweet Matcha Sticks. You'll find the flavours through the link below!

MORE PERKS: *CHOOSE a FREE gift from a list of teas & Matcha when your order hits $100.

*VIP Customer Program. 

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Event Special!

80% OFF making it only $2.99!

When you order $25 or more from any shopping-event link (including your own to share with friends & family), you unlock these FUN monthly Event Specials!

With your own link, you can also unlock Rewards just for sharing, plus add the Customer Exclusive above! Event shopping link below if you'd like to take advantage of this Special!

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Iced Tea Inspiration

Healthier Summer Sips for the whole family!

Our loose blends make the most DELICIOUS healthy iced teas. Simply steep, sweeten how you want and add ice. Easy Peasy. Our NEW Naturally Sweet Iced Tea Sticks make it even EASIER. Simpy open the stick, dump into water, mix and ENJOY! 

Lots of iced tea and tipsy tea recipe inspiration through the link below. Check them out and see how fun it is to get creative with tea. 

I also have lots of fun ideas over in my FB group, Jeanna's Tea time. I have "flights" of iced tea to share every Friday in June. Come join us through the link below!

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Feeling better than ever at 50! So happy I took the step I needed to work on myself!


Weight Management Support Boost

PRESALE for the FALL SESSION is now happening!

This Boost is deserving of a spotlight because it was a GAME CHANGER for me! Safe, effective, and clinically proven powdered boost balances appetite-related hormones to aid with weight managemnt. Unlike shakes & bars, this is NOT a meal replacement. It's designed to help you break cycles of overeating by reducing the 'noise' of cravings to you can focus on building healthy habits that support your wellness. This was what helped me FINALLY take control of my menopausal cravings! If you've completed a 90-day round, you can take advantage of our NEW Subscription option too! More info below!

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Health Canada Approved & reviewed by the US FDA

Weight Mangagement support helps with calorie intake by giving your hormone leptin a boost to signal your brain that you are full.

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My Top Picks!

Our Spring Catalogue is here & is full of ingredients to promote optimal health, all while making your taste buds HAPPY little guys! I'm sharing my Top Picks (in no particular order):

1) Matcha (I just love it all)

2) Menopause Relief Boost (Health Canada approved)

3) Probiotic Boost & GutBalance Prebiotic Fibre Sticks

4) Functional Lattes

5) Naturally Sweet Strawberry Limeade, Juicy Blackberry Sangra, Fruit Teas

6) Vitamin D Boost, Libido Support & Electrolyte Boost

7) Heal Thy-Self Teas (medicinal teas with NHP numbers)

8) Cookie Dough, Pu'erh, Creme Brulee, Peppermint Mocha, Black & Naturally Sweet Mojito, Herbal

9) Weight Management Support Boost

10) Our NEW Naturally Sweet Tea Sticks

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Sipology Fun Facts!

Focused on Wellness

We are a Canadian company who started out as strictly loose leaf, and now have an incredible wellness line full of amazing, natural, plant based ingredients! 

☕️ Clean ingredients only! No artificial flavours or colors, and no harmful preservatives or MSG.

☕️ We take pride in our products and go through the rigorous testing to have our Wellness Line Health Canada Certified and reviewed by the US FDA.

☕️ No irradiated ingredients.

☕️ No added sugar unless stated, and only natural sugars used.

☕️ Family owned and operated in Ancaster, Ontario.

☕️ Dragon’s Den Success Story ~ 2012 👉🏼 Jim Treliving and David Chilton invested in us and are still with us today.

☕️We proudly maintain organic compliant facilities, and are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.🍃❤️

☕️ 2021 Ernst & Young award for community building.

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Looking for Recipes and Ideas?

I've got you! Sipology loose leaf blends are the perfect first step in creating your cocktails, mocktails, ice teas and lattes! 

With no artificial flavours or colours and only whole, real ingredients, you are getting all the beautiful flavours and benefits of our teas. 

More info, recipes and ideas through the link below!

Recipes & Ideas.jpg

A Few Favorites!

But you'll also discover so much more!!


Heal-Thy Self

Healthy Living that's EASY & Delicious

This is a beautiful line of Natural Healing products that are approved by the Government of Canada. You will find Healing Teas for a number of common ailments, Vitamin & Mineral Boosters, including a Probiotic Boost, Immunity Booster, Super Greens, Electrolytes, GutBalance & more. They not only work, but all are DELICIOUS and favourites that I have every single day.

You will find this line so easy to incorporate into your every day and the FLAVOURS....oh my goodness, they are amazing and will boost your sips with healthy ingredients and amazing flavour combinations.

Matcha Goodness

Health Begins Here

This amazing tea was a game changer for me in providing a beautiful, natural energy that I desperatley needed!

We have Premium Matcha in 100g bags in both sweet & unsweet flavours, Fizzy Matcha Sticks and regular Sweet Matcha Sticks!

Scroll down to enter your email and recieve a FREE easy read guide on how to get all the healthy benefits from this energizing drink, as well as recieve a BONUS GIFT from me!


Are you a latte lover?

 Healthy living doesn't have to be boring

A decadent hot or iced latte is super easy to make at home! Save yourself some money and a trip to the busy coffee shop in the morning becaue you will find a flavour for every taste bud! And the awesome thing is that our ingredients are GOOD FOR YOU! 

These 2 pictured are made with a Strawberry Fruit Tea (tastes like a milk shake) & Cookie Dough, Pu'erh Tea (divine)! The best part of being your own barista at home is that you know whats in them. 

Taste Toppers & Monk Fruit Sweeteners will take your latte to that next level of goodness!

Grab one of our Functional Latte's for a sip that provides nutrition as well as amazing flavour. Enjoy a caffeine free option like Rooibos so the kids can enjoy it too, or a decadent bold flavoured latte with our Blacks & Pu'erh's. So many options! Message me anytime if you'd like help picking out your favourite new sip!

Add Bailey's or Rumchata as needed. 

Functional Lattes

Cafe worthy sips with superfoods!

You WANT these! Sipology's Functional Lattes are your new go-to premium plant-based blends featuring natural ingredients like lucuma and maca root. Seriously....your daily dose of decadent lattes will never be the same!
Enjoy with a splash of your favourite milk, froth, decide!
Click the link below to discover our fun flavours!

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Want to reap the many health benefits of Matcha? Subscribe below for my FREE guide & BONUS GIFT, or learn more here!

You'll love how easy it is!

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Spring/Summer Catalogue Season!!

Get ready to embrace optimal health & please your taste buds all at the same time!

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Fundraising with Sipology

Everyone enjoys Tea! Young & Old alike!

Our amazing Fundraiser is all on-line, with your own personal website to share, making it super easy for everyone. With a flat direct shipping rate of $3 which is AWESOME!

Friends & family in the US & Canada can support your cause (though only in the country its being held in at this time) & enjoy Sipology's delicious, healthy blends. 

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