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So many options & perks...which one is for you?

Hosting, Buying, Sharing, Joining, Fundraising

Want to earn FREE stuff?!

We seriously love to spoil our Hosts! I started my Sipology journey by wanting to Host because I literally wanted everything in the catalogue (then I just joined because it made more sense for me, LOL!). 

You will find monthly Host Exclusives that are different and fun each month, A beautiful line of items for Hosts only that changes each catalogue season, as well as our FREE and Half Priced items! Seriously....such a great way to get your tea and teaware! PLUS, Hosts can now add the Monthly Customer Exclusive to their qualified parTEA too! How AWESOME is that!!

And a fun way to do something different with your girls! In person (if you are local to Pemberton, BC), via facebook, Basket Party (where I send you catalogues & other goodies to share), simply a link to send to your friends and family, an hour Tipsy Tea event many options to share all the goodness with your friends and family. 

Click the link above to learn more, or ask me your questions on the link below! 


Surround yourself with people who empower you to become better!

Our Team Tipsy CommuniTEA is simply amazing and filled with amazing people. We have fun, we encourage each other and I'm pretty sure if you ask any of them, they will say a big part of why they love Sipology so much is because of this CommuniTEA. 

It has taken time & consistency to build up my business, but I have the drive & desire to be successful with it. And I have so much fun doing this. And what I love - is that you make it work for YOU. You can do more with it to earn the income you need, or do less and have it as a hobby. It's totally up to you!

I can tell you from experience that JUST STARTING is a huge confidence booster. Support, encouragment and excellent training is all included through both Team Tipsy and Sipology Head Office (who puts out some EXCELLENT free training). 

Have questions? So did I!! Ask me, I'm here to answer any you have! Link below to send them my way!

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Just want to enjoy all the goodness?!

Well I don't blame you! Our products are literally some of the best out there! And I know because I've been a tea drinker for MANY years, LOL.  You will find in our catalogue:

*Matcha, the BEST quality out there.

*Beautiful blends for Black, Green, Pu'erh, Oolong, Herbals & Fruit.

*Kombucha essentials for home Brewing.

*Heal-They Self Teas, Vitamin & Mineral Boosters.

*Some of the BEST Health & Wellness products including DELICOUS Super Greens, Probiotic Boost, NEW Functional Lattes & Souper Snacks.

*Beautiful teaware.

*Fun Teas like Magical Fruit Teas and Bubbly Teas. 

*Options for lattes, iced teas & tipsy teas.

Come check it all out through the link above, and if you need recommendations....I'm happy to help you find your perfect Sip!!

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