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Finding my groove through tea!

Sharing communiTEA, fun, all-natural products made with ingredients you can understand & an excellent cup of tea!

It's amazing how something as simple as joining a tea company can change you for the better! It helped me focus on something different when I needed it & not only was I inspired to be healthier in my choices with our wellness products, but the non-tangible perks of this company are simply beautiful!

I found the ability to grow as a person, I gained so much confidence, I have something all my own that I'm passionate about, & the friends I have met are the kind that are meaningful and long lasting!  I've also discovered a passion for health and wellness & helping others discover it too.

As corny as it might sound, I totally found my groove with this communiTEA of amazing women (and men) & I just love sharing everything about it.

You will find a group of people that encourages and empowers you to be better! It is truely an amazing company to be a part of and I'm proud to call them my Tea Family!

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