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About Me

My Journey to Health & Wellness through Tea!

Hello everyone! I appreciate you taking the time to stop in. I'm a BC gal who grew up in the Okanagan, but have made my home in beautiful Pemberton since 2003. I'm a mom of 2, which is my favorite roll in the world and if I had to pick my top 3 hobbies, I'd say reading, hiking & kombucha brewing! I started this journey in April of 2020 when I discovered a tea (I'm a huge tea fanatic) that I quite literally fell in love with. The quality and healthy ingredients really drew me in! At the time, I was feeling very "meh" and had no motivation & didn't realize I was in need of something just for myself to focus on until it was right in front of me. 

That's how it started! But that was just the foundation for what I discoverd I love even more! The health and wellness aspect of it all. I simply FEEL better!! All because of our healthy teas & wellness line (especially matcha), my mindset and the motivation to get off my butt and keep feeling good! I ADORE my Tea & Wellness Biz!

I can often be found with a book and a cuppa tea in hand, or out walking or hiking in the woods. I'm a home body by nature, but also LOVE exploring & travelling with my family. 

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