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Feeling better than ever at 50!

When feeling tired and unmotivated becomes a thing of the past!

So I had come to a point where I was just feeling stuck. I have been menopausal for years and I was tired and unmotivated but WANTING to feel better in my menopausal body!

One thing, among many, that menopause brought on for me was cravings. I craved sweets and potato chips & just CRAP even when I knew I wasn't hungry. This is where eating crappy snack foods was causing MORE issues on top of menopause issues. I wasn't feeding my body good foods. I mean, I ate healthy meal wise, but then sabotaged those efforts with crappy snacking constantly.

Enter the Weight Management Support launch! I jumped on board right away because I knew I needed some extra support to get myself onto better habits, especially since I was turning 50 soon. was a GAME CHANGER for me!!! It has literally put me on a path where I am feeling so much better at 50 than I have in a long time. Probably since menopause started taking over.

Why? Because it helps to control your cravings and calorie intake....NATURALLY. Its Health Canada approved and reviewed by the US FDA and is an all natural supplement using the African Mango extract. And what getting my cravings under control has done is pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!

Since I wasn't craving junk food and crap constantly, I was able to choose healthier and better snack choices, so I was eating better all around. I wasn't constantly craving sugar and indulging in it, so I had more energy. Since I had more energy I was more motivated to exercise, to dig out my ancient weights to do some work outs at home and it turned into this beautiful cycle of new and healthy habits. I also added more protein to my diet to help build muscle, and work on my "chicken wing arms".

Weight Management Support is a 90 day supply to help you keep going as results aren't seen right away. I didn't notice anything different until at least a month of taking it. I probably would have stopped after the first month if it wasn't a 90 day supply and I would have missed the good part! You also get access to an accountability group for motivation, info, ideas and even discounts on other products that will help you feel your best if you wanted to take advantage of them (Matcha, Naturally Sweet Iced Tea Sticks for hydration, GutBalance Fibre sticks etc).

One thing I didn't know, I assumed it was me, is that women start losing muscle mass in their 30's if you aren't doing anything about it....which I wasn't....hello "chicken wing arms"! Plus once menopause enters the picture, your metabolism slows right down too. So I was FEELING & to me LOOKING like an aging menopausal woman.

Now that I've picked up my weights again, I started noticing right away how much better my arms look and I can see a huge difference all around and feel more confident. So I say just START. You don't need heavy weights to start. Mine are 2 lbs and 8 lbs and I just googled easy at home work outs to get started and now I know what excercies I love to do and work for me. And more protein. You need protein to help build your muscles too.

So If you've been feeling stuck like I had been, I say look into Weight Management Support and see if it might be a good fit for you too. I can't imagine still being stuck where I had been and moving forward into more bad habits and feeling crappy instead of the healthly habits I discovered for myself! I'm feeling fabulous!!!

Other items that you might like from our Wellness Line is Matcha, Menopause Relief Boost, Probitotic Boost & GutBalance Prebiotic Fibre. We have lots more in this line too, all natural and top quality as with all of our products. Ask me any questions you have. I'm here to help!

<3 Jeanna

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