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Is it a Pyramid Scheme?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

If this is a misconception you have, read on!

I read this thing the other day where someone shared a post that said something to the effect of "No, it's not your own business. You are in a pyramid scheme and the big guy is getting all your money. Stop sharing your products". Now this wasn't directed at me, it was directed at MLM or Direct Sales in general. But I had to shake my head at the blatant ignorance in that whole comment.

First off...if someone has their reasons for not liking MLM, that's fair enough. But if someone doesn't like it because of the misconception that all MLM (mulit-level marketing) & DS (direct sales) companies are pyramid schemes, honestly, I get why people might think that, but it's totally not the case. Second of all....why should anyone NOT share what they are loving?! People share the things they buy and love off Amazon, or any regular stores all the time. If you don't want what someone problem. But that doesn't mean someone should stop sharing, because someone else might be looking for exactly what they have. There are indeed pyramid schemes out there, but they are illegal and Sipology, for example, is part of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), which ensures companies uphold good business practices and ethics. There are also annoying people in DS who might have given it a bad reputation. I've run into a couple of them myself. But I've also had bad experiences with staff or sales people in restaurants or regular stores. I certainly don't boycott all restaurants and stores because of them. I mean....unless I got food poisoning or something. LOL.

Sipology by Steeped Tea, the company that I'm with, takes pride in having the best of the best quality in our products. Pyramid Schemes have little to no value when it comes to their products. And YES....I DO in fact have my own home based business through Sipology. I am an Independent Consultant with them. I am able to run my business when I want, how I want, set my hours, work towards a goal I set for myself to earn the income I need or want....OR....simply get a discount on the products I love and use anyways. Its up to ME how I work my home business.

Anyone who joins Sipology has the exact same advantage as the next person. That is the beauty of network marketing. We can all be at the top, making the same. There isn't one person making all the money. What's amazing about MLM or DS companies is that it allows people who might not otherwise have the means, know how or time, to start a business of their own at home. It gives people the opportunity to run a business, but without all the hassle of inventory & sourcing and other things that go into it. It's also just a lot of FUN to be able to get creative with it, learn along the way, and grow as an individual into a more confident person as you go. You can make a great income in this business without buiding a team, so we are not dependent on others to make money.

Does the big guy, in my case Sipology, get more money? Sure they do! I'm sure whatever job or organization you are with is the exact same. But in the case of Sipology, they are the ones who worked their butts off to get Sipology where it is today, starting in their garage back in the day & creating this wonderful company for consultants to be a part of. They also do all the hard stuff for us, and give all their consultants a ton of support. They are the ones who do all the sourcing for all the ingredients that go into our blends, all over the world. They are the ones who deal with the testing that is required to ensure top quality and non irradiated ingredients. They are the ones who went through all the hoops to get our Heal-Thy Self line approved by the Government of Canada as Natural Healing Products. They are the ones who come up with fun new products, blends & teaware. They are the ones who deal with all the inventory, products, shipping and the supply chain disruptions since COVID started. And honestly, so much more I'm sure.

But MLM & DS is indeed a legit business model. Sipology by Steeped Tea is even Dragons Den approved. Back in 2012, Tonia Jashan, the founder, and her husband Hatam, who is the CEO, went on CBC's Dragons Den to give their pitch. You can find their episode on YouTube. Jim Treliving and Dave Chilton partnered with Sipology and are still with us today. In fact, Sipology is their biggest success story.

The awesome thing about most DS companies is that you will notice you are getting AMAZING products that are clean and all natural & started by entrepreneurs who wanted to make a real difference! I started with Sipology in the first place because I found their loose leaf tea blends, and since we are big tea lovers in this house, their all natural and high quality tea blends, matcha and wellness products were a huge bonus find for me. But you will find clean, all natural products & excellent quality with other home based companies like Tiber River Naturals, Epicure, Norwex, Beauty Counter etc. And quite frankly, I don't get why anyone would be ok & have no qualms with buying any of the above products & supporting a big box store or Amazon for example, but not be ok getting these awesome products from someone working a home based business?!

If you have read this and were & still are of the opinion that all MLM & DS companies are pyramid schemes, well...that's the way she goes I guess. We can agree to disagree & still be friends! I'll still share what I love and use and you can still not buy from me. LOL.

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