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And so my Tea Journey begins!

I discovered much more than just a good cuppa tea! I discovered wellness, fun & communiTEA too!

Hello all!

I have to say...this is my very first blog post and I'm still kinda shocked that my tea journey has led me to blogging of all things! Who woulda thought?! My love of tea has been since I was a kid of maybe 10 or 12. Which is funny, because that's when my youngest daughter discovered her love of loose leaf tea....and introduced it to ME. Even then I didn't understand her obsession with loose leaf. I thought tea bags were easy and delicious! But you don't know until you know....loose leaf is just as easy and sooo much better!

You guys....NOW I UNDERSTAND THE OBSESSION! I discovered Sipology's loose leaf through a friend and since we are huge tea drinkers in our house and both my daughters are huge matcha fans, my oldest loves kombucha and the youngest loving her loose leaf.....I was intrigued that Sipology had all of this and MORE! So I gave it a closer look. And the obsession began!

First of all....only real, whole ingredients are used, all are tested to the highest standards, no artificial flavours or colours, no preservatives or MSG, no added sugar unless stated....I mean, how could I NOT have my attention fully grabbed, right?!

And that was just the beginning of this journey!

Health & Wellness with Tea

My first experience with the wellness aspect of our teas happened when I gave matcha another try. I was NOT a matcha fan. BUT....all matcha is not created equal and as mentioned, having quality ingredients and products makes a HUGE difference. OMG...I LOVE MATCHA!! And not just because we have so many flavors to choose from. But because of how it made me FEEL!!

Matcha & Move became a thing! And another aspect to my wellness with tea was born! Matcha & Move is basically my fellow matcha lovers and I taking a week or two to share with each other how we incorporated matcha into our day to help us get off our butts and move. Its fun & inspiring!

But I feel like I have so much more to share!

I haven't even told you about the discovery of my favorite hobby or how I met a whole communiTEA of ladies who became friends, and you guys....I can't even tell you how amazing that was through the pandemic. Remember....this all started in April 2020....right at the begining of it all. So having this whole new fun adventure in my life with a group of AMAZING ladies at my back was something that definitly made those crazy, dark days brighter!

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