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  • Writer's pictureJeanna Brooke much FUN happening in February!

And I can't tell you how freakin' excited I am to move past January. That felt like the longest month EVER! Anyone else feel that way, or was it just me? Onto to fresh starts....February is full of fun, deals and a NEW CATALOGUE for the Spring/ Summer!! Eeek....catalogue launch is always so exciting! OK, lets chat about ALL the THINGS happening you guys!

First of all....THIS is happening and it's the FIRST time ever that any of our Vault List items have been discounted.

25% OFF select items including matcha, loose leaf blends, teaware and more! But only while supplies last!

Some of these items will return for the Fall Catalogue, but some are gone forever and to be honest, I'm sad because I have so many favourites on that list! Zingy Ginger, Herbal; Don't Worry Be Happy, Herbal; Raspberry Parfait, Rooibos; Pineapple Earl Grey, Black.....gaahhh!!! Those are just a handful. I literally love so many items on the list.

Next up, we have our Monthly Customer and Host Exclusives for February!

These never disappoint & this month is no exception! I'm always blown away by what they put together for us all!

Look at this amazing deal that you can unlock!! for only $23.45....say whaaat?! Our Teacanter is so beautiful. It's shaped like a decanter, to let your wine breath and bring out the flavours! It also comes with our Sangria Guide that includes recipes and a wine/tea pairing guide that was put together by a Wine Somalier. We watched her in action during our Summer Convention and she was very interesting. It doesn't end there also get an Exclusive Sangria Tea called Watermelon Berry, Fruit tea. OMG....sooooo delicious!!! I've not paired it with wine yet, but holy moly does it make a beautiful iced tea!! I didn't even add sweetener of any kind. It was so good as is!

Don't worry, we have something fabulous for our customers too. This deal is unlocked with a $65 order as a "thank you" and it's another excellent one! It's a Collection box of 6 Chocolate Teas, including 2 Exclusive ones that are both Black Teas and DELICIOUS! This Collection also comes with 50 Steeping Sacks. These are 25g bags and they are the PERFECT size to mail out to family or friends to let them know you are thinking of them. Or....go ahead and keep them all to yourself. No judging from me because I've tried all 6 flavours and they're worth keeping!!

If you were keen to grab this Collection, don't forget, you can also shop the Vault List items above and that would count towards your total to unlock this deal.

Last but not least......

Squeeeee......New Catalogue Launch!!!! Literally one of my most favourite things about this Business is the release of our new catalogues. I'm so ready for the Spring too, which makes it even more exciting to see what will be new, fresh & delicious!

If you want to be a part of the Catalogue Launch, come join my private VIP Tea Page. I will showing off all the new goodies for my VIPers pre-launch, with some prizes to win from the new catalogue too! I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss it!

I've heard some sneak peeks regarding NEW items to our Heal-Thy Self and so much more! I'm so stinkin' excited!! Ok you guys, I think I now have you up to date on all the happenings in February. I share drink ideas and inspiration in the Tea Group link above too, so if you are need of some healthy sip ideas, come on over!! Or email me and let me know what you have and I'll be happy to give you some ideas!

Thanks so much for popping in! As always, I appreciate you and your support always!


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