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What's your favourite form of exercise?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I have a LOT of room for improvement in the exercise department! In fact...sometimes I really suck at getting off my butt. However......I've been motivated to do just that and I know I always feel really good after I do something to get the old heart rate up! I admit, sometimes it takes friends to get me going, but I've also been the motivator and that feels really good!

When I started doing Sipology and realized that I actually LOVE matcha, I also got motivated to incorporate excercise in some form with my daily matcha, just from learning more about its health benefits and how it's super beneficial BEFORE & also AFTER exercise. This got me thinking, and realizing I need to do more of that myself! So....Matcha & Move became a thing & I was so proud when I was the one motivating others to get off their butts and do some form of movement each day!

Since that first Matcha & Move, I've done it every other month. The idea is to share each day what we are getting up to, both with the movement part and how we are incorporating our daily matcha. This helps with accountability, knowing you have people watching and waiting to see what you did so they could share their own movement, but also to share ideas on delicious ways to enjoy matcha. I've found some delicious, favourite ways to make up my matcha from friends who follow along!

My favourite form of exercise is hiking! I LOVE being out in the woods and I LOVE finding those beautiful spots to sit and chill with a friend and to simply enjoy being outdoors. Spring and Fall hiking are my absolute favourite.

The hubby and I also got "new to us" bikes last summer, so I also really started to enjoy going for a bike ride. Sure helps when you have a decent bike with gears that work. LOL. As I said, I still have lots of room for improvement. I was so excited to start January with Healthy Habit ideas. This was inspired by Sipology, as they did a challenge for 30 Days of Healthy Habits. This was the reasoning for spending money (it was $25, so not a big investment) on a 28 Day Challenge on-line thing. It was for 20 minute workouts at home (not normally my thing) along with healthy eating ideas. I started out with a BANG. Loved it in fact. Then life happened. LOL. The hubby was home on holidays, so we stared doing reno's and it literally sucked all my energy out of me.

BUT.....I still managegd to continue with healthier eating habits and snagging some fun ideas that Sipology was sharing too. I still got out for daily walks because honestly, there is ALWAYS time for a 10 minute walk! To clear your head and get the blood moving. I have another round of Matcha & Move coming up in March! If you are interested in grabbing some to try and joining us, please do!! The more the merrier! If you are usnure where to start with your matcha, I have a couple options for you! 1) you can try a pack of 10 Matcha Sticks for only $20. A great way to give it a go. If you do this, my favourites are the Lemonade, Salted Caramel & the Vanilla. 2) We have a NEW Matcha Subscription, which allows you to choose your Collection from 5 options and you get x6 25g of Matcha to try over 3 months. I usually run the Matcha & Move in my VIP Tea Group, so come on over and join us! Have questions? Please ask away!

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