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We are Matcha & Moving!!

Spring makes it easier and Matcha helps too!

I love doing this "Matcha & Move" every other month! It holds me accountable to getting off my butt!

Spring is officially here and I LOVE spring hiking. A friend and I have actually found a couple amazing trails that we hadn't been on before. This one didn't disappoint. It had the beauty of the forest and new spring green, views and a bit of cardio that was needed.

It took us down to these train tracks that run through town and instead of heading over to the trail, we just took them all the way back to our car. It was a super fun hike!

But the reason I call it "Matcha & Move" is because since I started drinking Matcha, I have felt so much more energized, which in turn makes me WANT to get off my butt and do something. Drinking Matcha before, during or after is going to be beneficial to you!

Matcha gives you that beautiful sustained energy that its known for. The L-theanine in it is what gives you that calm state of alertness and works together with the caffeine to be a slow release, which helps to keep you energized for 4-6 hrs as opposed to 2 or so hours with coffee, then a crash.

And because Matcha is loaded in antioxidants, it helps in fighting exercise induced free radicals, which in turn reduces inflammation and muscle soreness. It's honestly pretty amazing!!

I take my Big Sip (pictured in yellow, but it now comes in orange, blue & purple), filled with with Matcha, on all my hikes. On this day I had Sweet Raspberry Matcha, which is DELICIOUS, mixed with our Peach Lemonade flavoured Multi-Vitamin Boost. This Booster seriously tastes amazing with any and all fruit flavoured Matcha that I've tried it with!

Are you a Matcha drinker? When do you enjoy having yours? I'm more a mid-morning person. I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, then I switch to my tea, and around mid-morning, early afternoon, I enjoy my Matcha to give me that lasting energy through the afternoon that will last me until dinner time. I LOVE it!!

If you didn't know, we have a NEW Matcha Subscription Box. 5 differnt Collections to choose from and a 3 month supply in each, allowing you to try a varity of flavours as you get x6 25g bags. It's pretty awesome!

Well friends....I hope you are getting motivated to get some sort of movement in as well! Honestly, if you take the time for even a quick 10 minute walk before dinner, you will find it helps clear your mind and create a better mindset to let the day lay as it may and to have a good evening to finish unwinding before bed.

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