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My Top 10 Picks!

Honestly, it's hard to pick just 10. I literally LOVE all that Sipology offers. Not necessarily all the flavours are to my liking. But definitely all the products. Loose leaf tea is what drew me to Sipology in the first place, then feeling the AMAZING effects of Matcha on my energy level 2 weeks after starting was what made my love for the health and wellness route Sipology has taken, solidify for not only the tea, but our Matcha & Heal Thy-Self line too! SOOO...lets chat why these are my top 10 picks!!

Matcha Green Tea: This tea, no word of a lie, literally was a game changer for me, and quite by accident too. I DID NOT like matcha before Sipology. But I discovered its low grade matcha I don't like, which is quite often what you will get in coffee shops and other cheaper matcha brands. The first ingredient should always be green tea, and it is not always the case. BUT.....I tried matcha again when I started with Sipology and loved it & 2 weeks into drinking it I had ENERGY again. I had gone so long with always being tired, no energy, drinking a ton of coffee thinking I needed it, but was really making it all worse. I was dealing with menopause and just sluggish ALL THE TIME! Without even trying, I was down to one, sometimes two cups of coffee in the morning, had a beautiful energy that had me WANTING to do stuff again, and now I don't go a day without it. We have so many flavours and different options; 100g bags (sweetened & unsweetened), Matcha Sticks & Fizzy Matcha Sticks. There is literally a flavour for everyone! And it's so versatile. Add it to other drinks, add it to smoothies, yogurt bowls, into your milk to flavour froth for your lattes etc. We have even baked with it.

Super Greens: I have to admit I was skeptical about liking these when they were introduced. I have tried a few Super Greens for my girls and I and have not liked even one enough to buy again & some went to waste because they were gross and gritty.

BUT THESE....they actually TASTE good and are loaded in clean, beautiful, ingredients.

We have 3 flavours; Very Berry, Vanilla Bean & Lemonade. I have these every single day made up as a "Power Shake" with cold water, Super Greens, Matcha, Probiotic Boost & other Boosters I need too. I love it! Add it to smoothies, yogurt bowls, etc. With 21 Vitamins & Minerals, over 20 superfoods and a full serving of veggies per scoop, you can't go wrong!

Chocolate Mocha Functional Latte: This new line is amazing because not only are you getting decadent flavours, but you are getting the superfoods lucuma and maca root in these beauties, so you are getting some nutritional value instead of just empty calories. They are plant based, dairy free, caffeine free or low caffiene & rich in antioxidants. Maca root is a natural adaptogen, engery booster and known to help balance hormones. Lucuma is a fruit that is full of vitamins & minerals and is a great natural sweetener. These lattes are a FRACTION of the calories of a traditional latte you'd find in coffee shops. We have 3 flavours; Chocolate Mocha, Blueberry Vanilla & Cherry Danish.

Probiotic Boost & GutBalance: These are a daily for me! A healthy gut is SO IMPORTANT! It affects every aspect of your overall wellbeing including your mental health. I highly recommend this super intersting podcast on the science behind your brain & gut health. I promise its not a hard listen.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that your body needs and our GutBalance is a Prebiotic Fibre that occurs naturally in chickory root & has 6g of fibre per stick. Prebiotics feed Probiotics to keep them healthy. And both of these are SO FREAKING GOOD you guys!! Drink them on their own, together, or mixed with other iced teas, juice, smoothies, Boosters etc.

Naturally Sweet Strawberry Limeade, Fruit Tea: So I'm a big fan of all our fruit teas as iced teas. There's only a couple I enjoy hot. But we have a pitcher of iced tea made up in the fridge all the time. This is what my kids drink instead of juice or pop. And infusing my water with fruit tea helps me drink MORE water and its what I bring on my hikes, along with matcha. Now THIS particular one happens to be my favourite. Our Naturally Sweet line is sweetened naturally with whole stevia leaf (not processed, whole). There's zero grams of sugar added and only 5 calories or less per serving. This Strawberry Limeade is divine as is or made up into a cocktail. Its such a lovely strawberry flavour!

Cookie Dough, Pu'erh & Creme Brulee, Oolong Teas: I have many, many favourite flavours of our loose leaf blends. Black & Pu'erh's are typically my favourites as they are bold, flavourful and make decadent lattes. However, these 2 teas mentioned above are ones I reach for often most lately.

Loose leaf in general is so much better than bagged tea (and same amount of time to make up) and with ours being all natural flavours, colours and whole, real ingredients, it really makes a difference in flavour and health benefits that are retained in those tea leaves. If you enjoy coffee but are looking to cut back, Cookie Dough, Pu'erh is one I suggest to try with its lovely bold, earthy flavour.

Vitamin D Boost & Libido Support: These are DELICIOUS!!! Vitamin D Boost comes in caramel mocha flavour and Libido Support in Vanilla Caramel. They literally taste amazing mixed into your morning coffee (pictured above), in just milk (tastes like a milk shake), in your froth to flavour it for your lattes, mixed in other teas, in smoothies, in plain yogurt to flavour etc. Libido Support is one that's approved by the Gov't of Canada as a Natural Healing Product and reviewed by the US FDA. It helps support womens sexual health, but it does so much more too. The first ingredient is ashwaghanda and this herb has been used for centuries in natural medicine. It's classified as an adaptopgen and can help manage stress & anxiety, blood sugar levels, inflammation, improve immune function among other things.

Immunity Boost: This is another Booster that is approved by the Gov't of Canada as a Natural Healing Product, as well as reviewed by the US FDA. It's delicious on its own, but mixes well with other Boosters too or in yogurt, smoothies etc. This Boost is made with European Elderberries, which are high in antioxidants and has a light ginger undertone in taste. Its delicious. I don't think I've missed a day taking this all winter and I've not been sick once (knock on wood). It's one of the Boosters I add to my "Power Shake" mentioned above with the Super Greens.

Vitamin B Complex (strawberry banana) & Multi-Vitamin (peach lemonade) Boosts: Our Vitamin B Complex is amazing for the overall health of our nervous system. Its great for managing stress, fatigue, anxiety and supporting skin health. B-complex is known as the energy vitamin and helps metobolic reactions in the body. A lot of vitamins can be lacking in other words, more flavour than vitamins. Ours measure up!!

Our Multi-Vitamin Boost is an excellent source of 21 essential vitamins & minerals. Obviously I'm a huge fan of our Boosters. I can honestly say that I've never stuck to a vitamin routine as long as I have with ours since they came out. Like....every single day without fail. I love them. PLUS, taking them in liquid form (which ours get mixed into water) has a higher absorption rate into your blood stream and has the added benefit of not having any binders or fillers in them. Just all plant based, natural goodness in ours.

Heal Thy-Self Teas: Our Heal Thy-Self line started out with this amazing line of Herbal Teas that are all approved by the Gov't of Canada as Natural Healing products and by the US FDA. They are backed by certified research and do what they say they are supposed to do. These are some of our top selling teas and I reach for these before anything else if I am in need. We have a tea for the most common ailments ~ insommnia, upset stomach, mental fatigue, heart health, stress & anxiety, inflammation fighter etc. These are lovely and soothing and I sometimes have them just because I enjoy the taste.

So there you have it! My reasons for these being in my top 10. However, I have many, many more favourites and flavours of tea & matcha. As I said at the beginning, it's really hard to choose just 10. So be sure to browse the Spring & Summer catalogue as you'll find Kombucha, cocktail and mocktail mixer teas, sangria teas, healthy snacking options, beautiful teaware and so much more!



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