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My Beautiful CommuniTEA!

So if you've browsed around on this website, you might have noticed that I've mentioned my communiTEA a couple times. Why? Simply because I love them! They're a group of ladies who I feel like I've known forever, but in actuality, most of them I have not even met in person....YET! When I do....BIG, SQUISHY hugs will be given.

It's a beautiful thing when you are surrounded by women and friends who have your back and share ideas. No competition, just supporting and sharing!

Everyone has their own thing going on. Everyone has their own "why" and life just keeps happening. But we always have our Team Group, chats and calls to look forward to or to lean on if needed.

I was walking with a friend today, who also runs her own Tea Business, and we were chatting about life, kids, tea & how priorities change and what a beautiful thing it was that our Businesses could change with those priorities & we can fit it into the nooks and crannies of our day. How our TEAm really was like family and how encouraging & supportive they were when you have shit going down in real life. This might all sound super sappy, but...sometimes life calls for the sap!! LOL. We had a great weekend of sharing the new catalogue and training, and our group chat was full of fun, giggles and ideas!

I heard another Sipologist say one time that she joined for the tea, but stays for the communiTEA. And I coudn't agree more!!

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