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It's so easy to make coffee shop worthy sips at home!

Latte's were my favourite to grab from a coffee or tea shop....well, they still are! However, I've discovered that I actually enjoy making my own latte's at home and I personally think they taste better. I'm not sure if it's because I usually find the coffee shop drinks waaaaay too sweet for my liking! Or if it's the ingredients used....quality really does count. For example, matcha latte's from a coffee shop, GROSS & BITTER! In my experience anyway. Which is why I was skeptical to try our matcha's. I didn't think I was a matcha fan. I was WRONG!

I'm so happy I took that plunge because premium grade matcha, especially in all our flavours, is sooooo tasty!! I now live for my matcha latte's, both hot and iced. But did you also realize that you can make pretty much any flavour of simple syrup using our teas to compliment any latte or iced tea drink? And they are the same as those coffee shop syrups they use, except without all the extra fillers and crap.

You can also make a plain simple syrup by boiling together 1 cup of water (rather than the 1 cup of steeped tea shown in the pictures) with 3/4 cups of sugar until incorporated. These simple syrups are perfect for sweetening up your iced teas because the syrup mixes in nicely. They are also lovely additions to your tea cocktails. YUP....try it!

Think Raspberry Simple Syrups, or a Lemon flavoured one or our Creamy Root Beer, Green Tea makes an AMAZING syrup that tastes like a craft soda pop when poured over ice and topped with sparkling water. Here's a quick and easy latte that tastes super good with several teas. I really love this one with our Cookie Dough, Pu'erh Tea. It's a favourite. I say that a lot because I have A LOT of favourites, but I highly recommend it. This one is making a quick Brown Sugar Simple Syrup.

I've enjoyed this latte a few times over the past couple days, so thought I'd share the goodness along with my love of simple syrups. Don't be scared to make your latte's and iced drinks at home you guys! Save yourself some money and take advantage of the clean ingredients and see how fun and easy it is. If you have any questions, ask away!

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