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I can tell you right now...I'm not ready for this stage!!

This might be where the bad part of being home with my girls for all this time comes into play! I've been lucky to be able to say, I attended all their special events & milestones through their growing up, school and dance years so far!

But I think I'm going to really FEEL when my girl goes off to Uni this Fall. I's not like we hang out all the time or anything. She's a typical teenager who loves hanging with her friends and in her room more than with her mom. LOL. But her presence will most certainly be missed!! In fact, I get all teary every time I think of how different it's going to be come September. She might be getting more visits from me than she bargained for. LOL.

I already know I'm going to be THAT mom who is constantly worried about her. Is she eating enough? Did I teach her enough life skills? Is she missing us like we're missing her? Is she getting enough sleep? But I'm going to take comfort in the things I CAN control and not have to worry about. I'll definitely be sending her off with some of our Health & Wellness items that I know she loves and uses, and will make me feel better knowing she's at least getting SOME nutrition & goodness into her.

These are the things that I'll be keeping her stocked up on, that she can simply add to her Big Sip Cup with water, or add to a smoothie, yogurt bowl etc. They will be super easy for her to consume.

  1. Probiotic Boost

  2. Super Greens Boost

  3. Matcha Fizzy Sours (her fave)

  4. Matcha Subscription to keep her stocked up (Matcha in general is her fave)

  5. Big Sip Double Walled To-Go Cup for easy mixing

I'll see what other Boosters she might be interested in, but the Probiotic is a MUST because a healthy, happy gut is key to your WHOLE body's over-all health and wellness & ours doesn't need to be refrigerated like others do, which is handy.

The Super Greens Boost is an excellent source of over 21 vitamins and minerals. Each scoop contains over 20 superfoods that your body needs. One scoop is over one serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is just a no brainer in my opinion.

Matcha is loaded in antioxidants. In fact, it has 60 times more antioxidants than spinach. So that alone is pretty impressive, but what's also amazing about Matcha is that it contains the amino acid L-theanine, wich is responsible for a continuous energy boost throughout the day. You can enjoy the metabolic boost and increased mental alertness it provides over a 4-6 hr period. The Fizzy Matcha Sours have all these same benefits, it just has carbonation for those who like fizz.

So while I'm preparing to keep her stocked up on items I know will be beneficial to her, I think I will also send her this link I found on "Grown and Flown" that has some good points in it. The article is called "To my daughter as she leaves: Remember these 12 things!".

And on that note, I'm off to shed a tear or two as I get dinner ready! Good luck to all you fellow Moms & Dads who are in the same boat come September & to your kiddo's as they head off on their new adventures!

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