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Getting out into my Happy Place!

The woods or out exploring on a hike....this is where I LOVE to be. I'm lucky to live in a place where we have some beautiful and accessible areas to wander and explore. It also helps to have a friends who love it as much as you do, which is the case for me. Because while I love being out there, I'm not one to wander out into the woods on my own. You know...bears and cougars and such!

BUT....I'm lucky to have 2 friends in particular, who get as much enjoyment out of the outdoors as I do. I remember one hike last fall, we did a CRAZY hard hike. To be honest....I didn't fully enjoy this one. LOL. It was legit ALL UP HILL. But when we finally got to the top, it meandered down into some BEAUTIFUL forest. The light was filtering through the trees, the moss was a vibrant green and the cutest little mushrooms were peeking up from the trail. I acttually discovered the mushrooms when I tripped on my own feet and fell. LOL. But that discovery made sitting in the dirt all good because I love finding different kinds of moss, mushrooms, leaves, wild flowers etc. It just adds to the enjoyment!

At one point as we were wandering, my friend and I were like "'s seriously magical in here"! This part of the hike I most definietly enjoyed, even if getting there almost killed and made me very whiney. LOL.

I don't do a ton of hiking in the summertime because while we have beautiful surroundings, we also have l0ts of mosquito's and very hot summers. But spring and fall hiking...I could be out there all day long! It's been feeling a lot like spring lately. The trails are free of snow and everything is green and lovely. A couple weeks ago, my friend and I decided to head out and see how far we could get on a trail we discovered last April. It was so lovely & nice to be out there getting some fresh air. The trail was not bad at all and we made it to our look out and took some time to sit, chat, drink tea and enjoy! I'd be curious to see this particular trail now, as our snow is now mostly gone, which makes me happy!!

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