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Exciting Things for our Spring Season!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Lets dive into this NEW Spring & Summer Catalogue and see what all the goodness is about!

First off....and this is HUGE is that our borders are now OPEN! This has been a long time in coming for Sipology & they have worked hard to make it happen for us. So now we can partea together, share sips and welcome anyone from Canada or the US into our beautiful Communitea's.


Next to share about is all our NEW spring flavours and some really amazing new products too.

Click the link to watch my live unboxing of our Spring & Summer Launch Kit! We got some amazing goodies in there and I've been having so much fun sampling everything! Now check out all of our BEAUTIFUL loose leaf tea blends listed here! These are blended right here in Canada, in Ancastar Ontario, have no artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar unless stated and only whole, real ingredients are used.

Our loose leaf blends can be whipped up into a decadent latte, both hot or iced (the fruit teas taste like a milk shake this way), made into thirst quenching iced teas, fancied up into mocktails or cocktails and sangria's or simply enjoyed as is. They are so fun to get creative with and experiment. My girls and I love to come up with at home copy-cat recipes for our favourite coffee shop drinks....just minus all the sugar and crap!

But it gets even BETTER. Last catalogue season we introduced Functional Lattes and we have a brand NEW flavour in this catalogue called Cherry Danish. SO GOOD!!! These are powered by the superfoods lucuma and maca root, so they are providing nutriton and value to your body instead of just empty calories. It really doesn't get any easier to get some superfoods into you when using Sipology literally add the latte mix to your cup, add water and milk and have a delicious and healthy latte to enjoy before work or play!

One thing I fell in LOVE with when I started with Sipology was our Health and Wellness line. This started with Matcha. But once we started introducing our other products, I couldn't get enough of them; the flavours, and how great I was feeling because of them! That speaks volumes! So here's a couple BRAND NEW items to our Heal Thy-self line which has me suuuper stoked!

YES PLEASE to all of these! First of all, Super Greens aren't new to this catalogue, but the Lemonade flavour is and it's super YUMMY! All 3 of our Super Greens flavours are delicious and thats one HUGE benefit to our blends is that they are ACTUALLY, TASTE REALLY good. You'll get 21 Vitamins and Minerals in each scoop, a full serving of veggies and over 20 superfoods too.

Our new GutBalance and Electrolytes are the perfect addition to this line. Did you know that our Heal Thy-Self line goes through all the rigorous testing needed to get Natural Health Product (NHP) designation?'s something we are super proud of! We are approved by the Gov't of Canada and by the US FDA as Natural Healing Products, which means they have been tested to do what they say they are going to do and the ingredients we use are all tested and approved to back these claims.

These new products are gonig to be a staple in my house and I love that they can be enjoyed on their own, or added to other Boosters, teas, smoothies, yogurt etc. Very easy to incorporate into your day!

The last thing I will mention briefly is Matcha! You guys.....this is one band wagon you WANT to be on! Full of antioxidants, this amazing healthy green tea will give you a sustained energy, but with an alert "calm" mind & 4-6 hr energy. It contains the amino acid L-theanine, which promotes the calmness. It was a GAME CHANGER for me and my lack of engery every single day. We have soooo many flavours to suit all taste buds, including a few NEW flavours, and the first ingredient in ours is ALWAYS Green Tea. Coffee shop Matcha's are usually food grade, bitter and full of sugar and fillers to mask that flavour. We have some of the best quality out there, hands down, and a few different ways to enjoy this tea. We have our Fizzy Matcha Sticks, Our regular Sweet Matcha Sticks, 100g bags and a subscription to your favourite 100g bag that will save you in FREE shipping.

Well....I could go on and on about the products in our new Spring & Summer Catalogue, but you really should just take a browse through it yourself! Our Kombucha Kits are back, we have new Bubbly Teas, amazing Vitamin and Mineral Boosters, Heal Thy-Self Teas and Collections for a number of common ailments, latte accessories, beautiful teaware and to-go cups, recipes sprinkled in there and just clean, beautiful ingredients.

You can Host a partea to enjoy with your friends and earn some of these goodies yourself for FREE and half priced too! We have NEW Host Exclusives as well and you'll LOVE them all! You will find all this and more through the link.

Happy browsing to you and please reach out with any questions you have or if you need help choosing your next favourite sip!

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