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Cherry & Strawberry Limeade Goodness!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

These flavours just go together so well. And we have a number of beautiful teas, both Cherry and Strawberry flavoured, to make your taste buds tingle with tart, summer flavours!

For this recipe here, I've used our Cherry Sangria, Fruit Tea with our Matcha Fizzy Key Lime Sour. Oh em gee....sooo good you guys! I also tried this Matcha Fizzy flavour with our Cherry Bomb Bubbly Tea, which was another winner!

You can also make your own limeade by mixing equal parts sugar, lime juice and then hot water & stir to incorporate the sugar, then let cool. I make lemonade and limeade for my iced teas like this all the time because I usually have these items on hand.

But as mentioned, we also have a few Strawberry flavoured teas that taste AH-MAZING with either the Matcha Fizzy Key Lime Sour or store bought & homemade limeade. IN FACT.....we have something FUN & delicious for our customers ALL THIS MONTH!!

It's this Customer Exclusive, which is SO FUN & the Exclusive Tea is freaking amazing!! It's a Naturally Sweet Tea called Strawberry Limeade and has 0g of sugar and only 5 calories, but with all the sweetness of a Southern Sweet Tea! This one is a fruit tea and is such a delicious iced tea!

How do you get your hands on this tea and this beautiful Slim Sip Iced Tea Tumbler you ask? It's unlocked with a $65 order, and is then only $20.25, which is a 55% savings!! Just as an fyi, If you are a member of my Tea Group on FB, I have some Summer Wellness Bundles that I made up JUST for my Tea Lovers, that will not only save you some $, but each of the 4 will unlock this Exclusive too!

That Iced Tea Tumbler is going to become your summer best friend, going with you to the beach, the pool, outdoor activites while your sippin' on whatever cold beverage you like......seriously, it's the BOMB!!

Ok....I'm off to enjoy some iced tea myself! Enjoy your day! If you'd like to take a peek at some iced tea options, click below and take a browse!

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