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BOGO on our popular Single Serve Matchas!

For a limited time only ~ March 19th is the last day to grab your BOGO Deal!

I LOVE surprise emails with news like this! As you know, I'm a huge matcha lover and these single serve sticks come with me when I travel ANYWHERE!

My favourites and the ones I reach for the most are our Watermelon and Lemonade Fizzy Matcha, but I honestly enjoy all the flavours.

The Banana Split is awesome mixed in plain yogurt with our Probiotic Boost (summer strawberry flavour) and then topped with banana, strawberries and nuts. Tastes like a real banana split, but a lovely healthy version. So good!

The Sweet Chocolate & Sweet Salted Caramel are excellent mixed in froth for a beautiful, decadent topping to your lattes. Top the Sweet Strawberry Shortcake for a yummy strawberry latte with this chocolate froth topping, or have an iced Salted Caramel latte and top with with whip and caramel sauce. Seriously....get creative with these healthy, delicious matcha flavours! The others are divine simply mixed in water with ice or mixed in your smoothies, mixed with other Boosters or teas or even made into a tipsy tea! Yup...a tipsy matcha tea is lovely!

These beauties are 5g of sugar or less per serving and our matcha is always PURE, meaning the first ingredient is always green tea and there are no fillers or crap of any kind in them.

You will get a 4-6 hr energy from our matcha with no crazy caffeine rush or crash. It's a CALM energy due to the L-theanine which occurs naturally in green tea. It's honestly a beautiful thing!

You will also get a load of antioxidants. In our 1/2 tsp serving, you will get 60x's MORE antioxidants than in a serving of spinach. Amazing, right?! Not all matcha's can say that or are created equal!!

I don't know what it is about the Fizzy Matcha that feels so thirst quenching. Is it the fizz? I guess it must be because I find after a big hike or exercise, I crave the Fizzy Matcha and I guzzle them back!

If you are trying to cut back on pop, try these guys! I heard from another lady who always takes them out to restaurants with her and she just has that to drink in her glass of water! What a great idea huh?!

Let me know if you would like any help with ordering or choosing flavours. We'll be doing our next Matcha & Move next week in my FB Tea Group if you'd like to grab some and join in the motivation and fun!

CHEERS! Jeanna

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