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Beautiful Easter Tea Cocktail!

Tastes like spring for this beautiful long weekend!

Happy Easter long weekend to you all! I have a lovely tipsy tea to share with you that literally tastes like spring!

Our Egyptian Chamomile, Herbal Tea is a favourite of mine and one I have hot on a regular basis in the evening!

But have you ever tried your Chamomile tea iced? Or iced with sparkling water so it's a refreshing spritzer? If no, you need to do that STAT!! It's so lovely and delicious! And that's what inspired this beautiful cocktail!

To make enough for you and your guests this weekend, here is what you will need:

*4c Sipology's Egyptian Chamomile Tea

*1 1/2c elderflower liqueur or to taste (or substitute elderflower juice if you'd like it to be a mocktail. I found some in our little towns grocery story in the fancy juice section).

*1 1/2c gin or to taste.

*6 Tbsp fresh lemon juice.

*Lemon strips or wheels for garnish and a sprig of mint if you have.

Simply combine it all together, serve it chilled or over ice and garnish!

I think Egyptian Chamomile iced tea would also make a beautiful gin & tonic, don't you think?! YUMMO!!

CHEERS to you and the long weekend! Hope you get to spend this beautiful holiday with family and friends! Click the button below if you'd like to see the ingredients of this favourite tea!

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